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Types of Protective Packing You May Need

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Protective packaging is necessary for many businesses, when you are relocating, etc. This packaging offers extra protection for various types of items that could be damaged during shipment and movement. Various types of packaging materials are available to accommodate small and large products of various types. Read below to if you’d like to know more about the various types of custom protective packaging new jersey options available.

custom protective packaging new jersey

Packing Peanuts

Packing peanuts keep items inside of boxes safe and snug inside. The foam, peanut-shaped styrofoam pieces also make use of the empty space in a box and add cushioning, too. With a bit of creativity, packing peanuts have dozens of other uses as well. They’re cheap and available to buy at most moving supply stores.

Moisture Barrier Bags

Moisture barrier bags are used when you need to protect items being shipped or move from moisture and the damage that it causes. The bags are used to move a variety of different items, and come in many size as well.

Shrink Film

Shrink film is a product used to protect and secure items that are being moved from one location to the next. It’s used for boxes as well as non-sealed items of various size and shape. Many people use shrink film or shrink wrap when moving items by pallets.

Anti-Static bags

Anti-static bags are used when shipping electronics such as computers and TVs. The bags fit various size electronics and are very affordable. The bags protect the electronic item from being broken and sustaining damage but it also removes any static charge from the item.

There are many types of protective items that make moving your items much easier. The items above are just some of the many. Protect your items and make sure that you have these goods on hand.

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