Daily Schedule

  • Early drop-off 7:15 am.

  • School begins at 8:05 am and ends at 3:15 pm Monday through Thursday.

  • Friday is an early dismissal day, 1:30 pm. Except for students on suspension respite who are required to stay until their parents pick them up after 3:00 pm and up to 5:00 pm.

  • Language Arts and Social Science courses 8:15-11:15 with a fifteen-minute break. However, students are free to get up at any time to stretch and take a “breather” outside.

  • Science and Mathematics 11:15-2:00 with a thirty-minute lunch break.

  • Electives 2:00-3:15 daily (optional for each student).

  • Afterschool homework options from 3:15 to 5:00 pm.


'There is creative reading as well as creative writing.'

- Ralph Waldo Emerson